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Testimonial: Chronic Hives, Anxiety

Testimonial: Unexplained Pain, Mental Health

Testimonial: Energy, Digestion, Thyroid

Testimonial: Inflammation, Pain

Testimonial: DM1, Chronic Diarrhea

Testimonial: Fatigue, muscle tightness

Testimonial: Gas, Heartburn, Weight

Testimonial: Hair Loss, Bloating

Testimonial: Post vac, constipation

Testimonial: Acne Rosacea

Testimonial: Hormones

Testimonial: Thyroid, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol 

Testimonial: Thyroid, Fatigue 

Testimonial: General Health 

Testimonial: Mood & Energy  

Testimonial: Fatigue & Brain Fog 


Weight & High Blood Pressure 

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